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April 30 2017

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A candle that can burn for 6 days. 

I hate this so much

I love this so much!


my five year old brother was just like “whys there a sun” and im distracted so i was like “idk” and he was like “UGH ITS JUST A MYSTERY BIG GIANT LIGHT BULB” and im laughing so hard omfg



“To the ancient Egyptians, garlic was sacred, and was placed in burials as a ritual offering.”


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Self-taught sculptor Katie Marks has been handcrafting coffee mugs which instead of dangling over your kitchen sink, could easily be placed in the middle of an art gallery.

Inspired by the world around her, Katie crafts these exquisite mugs layer by layer, either glazing breathtaking galaxies on them, or hand forming delicate crystals on the sides.

Her mugs are available on Etsy


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Meet Phoebe Kannisto and her six beautiful sons, all of whom are on an even more beautiful mission. They’ve all decided to grow and donate their hair to the young patients in need.

The guys who signed up for this are Kannisto’s oldest son, Andre (10 years old), 8-year-old identical twin sons Silas and Emerson, and 5-year-old fraternal triplets Herbie, Reed and Dexter. The 2-year-old daughter Marah Taylor had to sit this one out because her hair was still a bit too short.

Monday was the day to make good on their promise, so they went to the local Hizair Hair Salon, which not only cut all those 17 feet of hair but also refused to take any payment, even working after hours. Eventually, the goods were then delivered to the Children with Hair Loss, an organization that provides hair replacements for kids with medically related hair loss.

Of course, the cutting part wasn’t the hard one, as the guys were growing their hair from one year to even five. And during that, some kids even got bullied at school because of it. But luckily, they’ve developed “a thick skin” which helped them ignore the criticism, and keep their sights on their goal, which is helping others in need.

Kannisto said she’s “so proud” of her boys: “I love that they want to help other children,” she told HuffPost. “They’re already making predictions on how long it will take them to grow their hair out to donate again.” (Source)

This is so cute and it needs more notes.

Such pure souls


I just realized you American fuckholes have no idea what these are. These little pieces of heaven are called relatable content

For a moment I thought this was a pissed off brit until I took a second look at the url.

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コウメちゃん(✿˘︶˘*) 4/15 #コビトカバ #コウメ #東山動植物園 #東山80

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vampire sleepover

the best cuddle puddle

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it’s a lowercase g



*parts a bead curtain as i enter the room, carrying a glass of lemonade* 


nothing you ever read, watch, or participate in will be ideologically pure and without its problems. your quest to consume the most unproblematic material will be, in the end, fruitless. your enjoyment of anything will be sapped away, leaving you a husk starved for media.

 it is okay to enjoy things that have problems to them, so long as you do it critically and with an open mind, and take care to consider others.

*leaves the way i came*

This is possibly the healthiest post I’ve seen on this site

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that’s the last straw

April 29 2017



Languages are made up can you believe that? it’s just a bunch of phonetic sounds gibberish none of it actually means anything. this post??? i could smash my hand on the keyboard and it could mean the same thing, it only doesn’t because we say so. Nothing is real 

jacques derrida is gonna rise from his grave and give you a high five bc you just described his theory to 75,000 teenagers and they listened





I just realized
Vore day falls on August the 8th.

That’s 8/8

That’s like.

Ate ate eat eat idk

Fun fact: The common belief is that vore day is on 8/8 as a pun of eight/ate, but I’ve heard that it was actually started by Japanese artists and the way 8/8 is written in Japanese is a pun on the sound a growling stomach makes.

Meaning we have a wonderfully cross cultural shared pun going on and if that isn’t the coolest shit then you are simply wrong.

That is the coolest!

why is there a vore day

That’s what I want to know

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the new yorker published a photo from fyre fest that was photoshopped to include the dashcon ball pit

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be safe y'all ✊🏿

Siri allows anyone to get your data,your name,your phonenumber andwhere you live if you do not disable it in the settings.

Go to settings, touch id and passcode.
Under “Allow access when locked” turn off siri, today’s view and notification’s view.

So if you loose your phone, it gets stolen or you leave it somewhere, other people can not get to sensitive information.


when you’re 47 au’s deep into your maladaptive daydreaming and someone forces you back into this threshold of reality by engaging you in social interaction



let’s stop seeing sex as the biggest thing you can do to show someone you love them


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